Unboxing Macbook Pro!

So I got it last night, and it's awesome. There have been no issues. It gets a little warm, but it sounds like it's about the right temp for a pro with :

320GB HDD / 7200RPM
4GB Ram

Enjoy the goodness :0 ! (click on pics to enlarge)

THE BOX, Taking pictures was hard, I wanted to just rip it open and make sweet love!

You can see my The Office poster in the background, although the only time I really notice the reflective screen is when there is a completely black background.

I am loving it (more than McDonalds)


That is how long it has been / felt since I blogged on this blog! I normally do not use blogspot anymore because I find wordpress is a shit ton better, so maybe I will migrate this blog over there if it is easy enough, maybe not. I would love to hopefully keep up on blogging again!

SO LIFE! A lot has been going on. Graduate School is going fine, although I feel like the program is a mixed bag, which may be good or bad, I guess we will find out. I have a total lack of motivation though, so I am hoping I get it soon. I just ordered a new laptop so hopefully that will bring some productivity in my life, since I have not so great work stations right now, and this will allow me to carry with doing some video and photography! I got a new macbook pro, which is super sexy. The only thing I am not super fond of (went to Best Buy to look before I bought) is the reflective screen, but I found a place online that has films to prevent glare, so if it gets out of hand I can get one of those. I also ordered an AppleSac, it's pretty sexy!

Not much else has been going on, I am thinking of heading down to Portland this weekend. Angie said she might go down, so i'd catch a ride with her on Saturday and come back most likley Sunday or Monday depending what plans are. I haven't seen Jeff since his birfday so that'll be fun! Also, there is a Shiny Toy Guns concert at the end of the month @ The Station, which is where I saw them last time, and they were pretty good live, and Carah was super hot, but now they have a new girl, but i'm sure it will still kick ass! Their new album is pretty good, it is taking some getting used t because it is really different in sound. It's still offbeat / different sounding but in a different offbeat and different different sounding way.

What else has been going on. How about an update on my love life? Okay, done!

Work has been decent, sort of boring for the most part, nothing too exciting, but I work with some great people and get to do a little designing and such, so it's not horrible! Connie is the best supervisor ever, it's great to work with her, she has always helped me out!

I am pretty sure I am going out to my brother's place again this winter. Seattle is pretty cool, minus all the freakin' RAIN all the time, but I like it there for the most part. He is telling me about all the games we NEED to play when I get there haha, so I guess we'll be doing a lot of that. It's just nice to get out of Maine for a couple weeks sometimes and just go do something random, and it's nice to see him as well. I am hoping to catch another concert while I am out there this time. Last year Harvey Danger was awesome, and since they are Seattle based maybe they'll be playing again, but it'd be cool to see someone else too. AWIM is based in Seattle too, so that'd be neat, but anything really.

Good movies I have seen lately include Quarentine and Zack and Miri Make A Porno. Quarentine far exceeded my expectations (as I have little for mainstream horror). It was perfect, it is what I imagined Resident Evil to be when it came out. It was creepy, realistic feeling, the only thing that blew was they show you the ending IN THE TRAILER, so I knew it was coming when it did. Zack and Miri was pretty funny. It had Daryl from The Office in it, so that was pretty awesome, but overall it was better than I expected as well (although I like Kevin Smith, the preview wasn't that great in my opinion).

Well, I suppose I should sign off for now. I will try to log on and update the blog a lot more often from now on!