2010, Something New, Something Borrowed, I Don't Need Anything Blue

Okay, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW, I always say I am going to start blogging then the ruination of routine inhibits my ability (actually more like my drive), to reflect on my thoughts, but I want to make a decent effort to start laying out my thoughts somewhere.

It's 2010, which is a great number (because 10 is half of 20!). I am hoping this is the year I figure it all out. I have one year left to my graduate program, so I need to know what I want to do with the rest of my life. Part of me wants to get out of Maine, experience something new, but then the other part of me is comfortable, and I have been really lazy lately. Part of that is due to being on Winter Break, but I really feel like this last year I have been full of mental and physical atrophy. I never went to the gym like I wanted to, I don't go out and do new things as much as I should, but I am hoping to alter some of that. Winter doen't help either. I feel like there is just some sort of weights IN my shoulders (hey, it's just how I feel, I can't help it!). BUT, it's time for a change, time to be proactive and get up off the couch and do stuff!

Part of that begins with going to the gym. I am going to start going with Beth (and whomever else chooses to venture, but probably only us 2 since we are going at the ass crack of dawn at 7:00). I am really going to try to stick with it, and try to alter my diet some too (not as much soda, etc.) While I was at the store last night I had some Dr. Pepper in hand, and I put it back to get orange juice instead. I just have to make small dietary changes at first, while working out then I can alter more if it seems fit. I guess the problem isn't really how much I eat, it's what I eat anyways. I need balance! Part of that balance includes a good sleep schedule as well. I go to bed way to late, and I really need to change that. I am going to start tonight. I will try to be in bed by midnight (have been going around 2:00am). I think that will change a lot about my motivation apathy, etc.

Over break I have just been watching TV and playing games. I beat God of War I, and I am very close to finishing God of War II. I have watched season 4 of Dexter and the first 3 seasons of 30 Rock. It's a really great show. It's funny though, I watched this "Greenscreens in Hollywood" video a few weeks back, and now I can distinctly tell when something is using a greenscreen, and it kind of sucks, it takes me out of the moment a little. Anyways, 30 Rock is great, so the rave was right. I did notice in a few episodes some funny things that happen though

In The Episode : Where Wayne Brady guest stars. Liz and him are playing Uno on her bed, and she goes Skip, Skip, Skip, Reverse, Wild! And pronounces she wins, BUT, she actually would have had to pick up cards because she didn't say UNO!

In The Episode : Where Dennis is a sex addict. At the beginning, Liz grabs her coat and goes to the door, kicks Dennis out, then closes the door. Why did she drape her coat over her hand like she was leaving? Maybe she just needed time, but seemed a little odd

Small things, but I thought the UNO thing was funny just because i'm a total nerd for noticing it.

Other than that things have been pretty mellow. I have been working 20 hour weeks at Student Employment, and I really think my time here is coming to an end. They gave someoene else my job pretty much, and their reasoning was "this is what she does", it was also what I did, and it just seems kind of rude to give someone someone else's job without really telling them, and then say they will be downstairs next semester. I do have one project I will be working on , but nothing too out of the world. It's just a bummer when you get weeded out for other people behind your back, it kind of hurts considering my boss, who I highly respect, didn't even have the decency to talk with me first to let me know they had given my job to someone else. Blah.

I have thinking about next year too with the graduate assistantship. I hope Raphael needs me again to TA with him because I don't want to take out thousands and thousands of dollars worth of loans next year, since I already did that to buy a car this year. Who knows! I need to be proactive if I want my last year of school paid for!

Okay, well, I am hoping I can use this to reflect thoughts from time to time, just catalog what's going on in my noggin. Happy 2010!