This Is How It's Done


It's me Matt, you know Matt. THE MATT, not the other one you know. I am going to attempt the blogging world again, I have a billion blogs but hopefully this one will work out. This will be a one shop stop to ME, or maybe just some things I am thinking / doing / planning / conjuring / loving / eating / et cetera.

SO _ what _ has _ been _ going _ on _ with _ me ?

Well, I am super busy all the time, yet I still feel like I am slacking. I should probably be reading right now instead of blogging, but it's not the last minute, so I can't do it yet ! Today, I have indigenous media at 2 - 4:30, then New Media Society from 5 - 6, then eating. After that I really need to get some homework done. Then maybe a movie. Beth and I have been trying to watch this one movie for a while, so hopefully we will do that tonight.

Other than that, I haven't been up to to much. We are having a board game tomorrow night, that should be fun. I wish I could find someone in this world that likes Scrabble, I haven't played since this summer, but before that I haven't played since summer 2005. I JUST WANT TO PLAY WITH WORDS, is that so much to ask? I did not think so.

ANYWAYS THOUGH, Beauty and the Geek Season 2 just got done transferring .... from a legal source of downloading. Maybe I will do that this weekend. The new season started, but I haven't watched the show since Season 1, but I loved it !! There are a lot of shows starting this week. I watched the new Heroes and How I Met Your Mother, and Desperate Housewives starts on Sunday. The Sarah Silverman Program (most excited for) starts on October 3rd. I cannot wait. Sarah Silverman is near goddess. She's just so funny, though there are probably 1,000,000 people that do not think so. OH WELL, their loss.

I am listening to Vincent Black Shadow right now, they are amazing. woot. I wrote Karen Stever a letter today, I am going to send her some money for her birthday because I know she needs some to get her album mastered, and maybe I will get mentioned in her CD credits, haha, even if I don't it will be cool to know i aided in her getting her dreams out. Most people don't understand our relationship, some think im a weird stalker, but it's not stalking if the person e-mails you also and talks to you on the same level. I guess it's one of those things if you aren't in it, it doesn't make much sense, but Karen is amazing, her music is so deep, like a knife into the heart. I can't explain it, but I am glad her and I are amigos. It's almost been 3 years since we started talking, it seems like it's been longer. I will probably be working on some things when the album comes out for the street team I created, which should be cool.

(cd concept art i made for the upcoming album : Playground Isolator)

Well, here it is 1:00, I have to be at the New Media Dept. at 1:30 to return a video camera. I was filming for a permaculture class Joline is teaching. I still have yet to start working on my Ind. Study, I feel like this is a really bad idea, but hopefully I can get some idea's together. I've never put together an installation, which is what I think it will end up being. Oh well though.

. I am going to go now, but hopefully I will keep up this blog with Matt happenings.

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