We Pooped At The Mall Today

I am in some really big need of finding a tv with cable tonight. The new Sarah Silverman program starts and I want to see it as it airs. I hope I can find one. I was going to watch it with Erin, but she's going to see that suckfest Ratoutille. I am sure that will be worse than eating genital warts. Anyways though, not too much has been going on. I haven't blogged in a few days, but that's alright.

I am thinking of getting my wrists pierced. I really want it done, it looks awesome, and I think it would be a really neat piercing. I am not sure. I have to get my tattoo done soon too. Maybe during break Beth will bring me over to Riverview so I can at least drop off some designs. I have to go to the gym soon too. I haven't been in almost a week. I should go tonight and tomorrow, then over break at least once. My goal is 2 – 3 times a week, so I can still achieve it. Maybe while everyone is at the movie tonight, Beth and I can go to the gym, or maybe I will call Bex to see if she wants to go. We usually go out Tuesdays / Thursdays though, maybe I'll go tonight with Beth and tomorrow with Bex.

I am glad we have break coming up, though for me, the only difference is that I will be missing class on Monday, but that will feel good to have an extra long weekend. I think I will go around taking pictures of Fall, it's getting really pretty outside, and I have been looking into learning more things about photography. I usually just capture until I find good pics, but I want to really understand what everything means so I can better photograph.

Other than that, not a lot is going on, I got my Season 1 of Sarah Silverman Program in the mail today, which was amazing. I need to watch them all again, even though I've watched them like 1,000 times! They are the best.

Well, I guess I have nothing else to offer right now, so I will sign off, if anyone thinks it would be cool for me to get my wrists pierced let me know. I am going to take some awesome artsy photos of myself later on tonight, and I am going to photoshop some wrist piercings on myself, if you think that's cool, comment and let me know, if you don't, I don't want to hear your words of discouragement. (but you can post them anyways). I was thinking (and this breaks my law of piercing symmetry) of getting an X on my left hand. I may just get the horizontal surface bars on each wrist, but I think an X would be really neat too.

Okay, Peace Out!

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