Supernatural High

So, I wouldn't blog about this unless it seemed super weird, and maybe this isn't weird to anyone else but me, but it's weird.

so the other day I got an e-mail about being eligible for an honor's fraternity. I was reading through the names just to see if I knew anyone else, oddly enough I was grouped with a bunch of people from my high school, which I thought was rather strange. Short and short, i saw someone's name that had went to like conneticut for college, and I was like wow she doesn't go here, unless she transferred. So, I went to class and after class I am walking down the hall and SEE HER, the fact I just read that e-mail less than 2 hours ago, and then saw her (and I haven't seen her since the day we graduated high school together). I see her again yesterday, and decide to say hello.

SO, that was odd, but I guess possible.

SOOOO, tonight I was just randomly facebook stalking old high school people. It was weird how much just seeing these people flashbacked me back to high school, feeling the same, it was horrible haha. Anyways, I found someone's myspace I hadn't seen since the day we graduated high school also. Anywho, Bex and I went to Bangor tonight, wal-mart, then Denny's, it was all very random and all very late. We are leaving denny's after eating, and I see someone who looks familiar but different, i do a double take and then I turn back around, then I hear my name, it was the VERY PERSON i saw on facebook. We talked for a few moments, small chat kind of stuff.

Seriously though, CREEPY, It's like I see people in some online kind of way then I see them in real life, some weird manifestation destiny (not to be confused with manifest destiny). Anyways, I just thought I would share my creepy experience.

very surreal kind of supernatural type feelings...

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