Memento Stylings

Wow Doug, there sure has been a lot of things going on the last few days. Nothing too crazy but still. Last night we had another games night because we thought Mallory was leaving to go back to Texas soon, but she isn't so that's good and we still had a good pot luck minus the fact I got deathly ill off of 1 of three things;

  1. Deviled eggs
  2. Velvetta
  3. Sour Cream (in French onion potatoes)

I'm not sure what it was or it was a nuclear combination of the three, but my stomach was unhappy with me. About halfway through Lynn and Josh joined us, then Josh was way too intense the entire night. I realize he's just a kid but seriously, we were nice to invite him and he makes fun of people, acts rude, it's really annoying me lately. But other than that, games night went pretty well, we played some Cranium, then some Loaded Questions. Ate some food. It was nice.

Before games night though, we went to the Treworgy Orchards to check out the corn maze they have there. It was pretty sweet. The corn maze is shaped like a sheep this year, and we go in and have to find certain stations, answer questions, find our way around, it was a fun little labyrinth! We had a great time taking pictures (I will put some up here as soon as Caitlin sends me her pictures). Afterwards, we got free ice cream which was god awfully delicious x's 100. We also saw an Upward Bound student which was nice.

Before the corn maze though, we went to Bangor, stuck in the sickest Maine traffic jam of all time. We must fill our manifest destiny with construction at 2 in the morning, that wasn't enough…NOW ITS ALL DAY AND NIGHT. Seriously took us about 35 minutes to get to Best Buy. People were using the break down lane as a normal lane to cut people, it was horrible.

Before the traffic jam though, I had a deep convo with Caitlin about some stuff, which was nice, I've had a lot of deep convos lately, some of which were very much needed, and I think they helped resolve some issues and whatnot, so that I am happy about, no one wants to be a fickle pickle.

Before the deep conversation though, I took the easiest test of my life. We were able to create a "cheat sheet" for our class test (sociology of close relations), and I pretty much fit every ounce of information we went over on the sheet, and guess how many times I even used it….TWICE. And both times were just to confirm an answer I was already sure of and had eliminated down to two answers. Caitlin did her cheat sheet like an hour before the test and got done before me, but I think partially because I did the test then filled out the bubble sheet. Regardless though, I am sure I got at the very worst a 94. I want to say I may have gotten a 100, but more realistically if I did that well I got a 98.

Before the easy test though, I woke up.

So that's me for the last day or so. I am really conjuring in my brain the possibility of getting my wrists pierced today. I photoshopped a picture of how it would look and I think it looks swanky and I would really like to get it done too. I may go in about an hour or so, If I do and it all works out I will post some pictures here. If that goes well too, I may think about getting a dermal anchor (after talking with Orrin some more) by Christmas time.

Well, I guess that is all the musings I have for now. I hope you liked my Doug reference from the Sarah Silverman program, and you liked my reserve ("memento" type) telling of my day yesterday.

Okay, peace out in a drought

OH ALSO, if you get the chance, watch the new episode of the Sarah Silverman program, it was absolutely hilarious! She is amazing, pure genious.
"Babies should say 'GOO' not become it" , I'll leave with that!


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