Cream and Bastards Rise

it's been a few days, so HEY! First deal of news would be last friday. I went to go see 30 days of night, it was pretty awesome, I am still completely unsure of how I felt about it, but I loved the cinematography, which if a movie has a decent plot, and the movie is decent the cinematography can turn it around for me, and there was some amazing shots in that film. just thing bloody snow patches in a winterized town - that cool!

Other than that I haven't been up to too much. Astra and I sat in the union for hours and hours today and chatted, I needed a little Astra time, it was fun. We were in the "Memorial Room", it was hilarious, we played this little fun game called ; "Astra hides behind the door, and i signal to her when someone comes walking by, she jumps out and flashes a picture of them while yelling 'surprise, but then a bitchy girl comes over and is all 'this is a room of respect, quietness, and reflection, do you know the history of this room' and then Astra responds 'yes, i was trying to have fun' where she gets cut off and bitchy girl relates to her saying she is fun and would do it too if it weren't this room meaning she wouldn't because she was frigid' game. it was a pretty good one, we left after that, and I have been editing the videos for work. I have one done right now, I want to get the other one done tonight, then get the other one done before class tomorrow.

Besides those two things, not much has been going on, I have been trying to decide about graduate school, so I have been looking up colleges. I had a meeting for my scholarship the other day, and I need to start studying for the GREs soon. The decision-making in my life is becoming harder and harder, and i'm not focusing as much as I should, so I have been trying to put it off as much as I can, but I usually do well in figuring out when and how and all of that stuff. So hopefully it will all work out. Astra thinks I should leave, i'm not sure yet, I really do want to try something new, go "out there". I'm not sure what that all includes, it seems scary, but also very exciting.

Brian wants me to go out to Seattle for Christmas, he asks me every single time that we talk, I really want to, and if I do , I will go out and surprise him. I just don't know if I have the 500ish dollars to go out there, but it would be so cool, I could go out for two weeks, then come back, and i'm thinking of going down to DC with Astra. So, there's always that, I really want to explore, it is just getting the motivation to actually go and do it, but I should, i'll see what the money situation is like.

WELL, I guess that is that, we are going to see-saw for (Saw IV) a good cause of enjoyment of torture on , I liked that form of Double Entendre, it won't happen again the SAW FOR thing, because five and six are just numbers not also prepositions. Then on Saturday, I think we are going to have our Halloween party, which I am very unsure of what is going down already, but oh well. Maybe we'll drink, maybe not, I have no clue. I keep walking on eggshells about a certain subject in my life wondering constantly how to incorporate it in my life, it's becoming a heavy weight, and I don't know how to deal with it, but I guess I will figure it out eventually.

I guess that is it, that's what's been going on since last blog , OH WAIT TWO MORE THINGS

1.) LOVELINE ; it's still on. Its Dr. Drew and some Stryker guy. I was listening to a podcast last night, andy dick was on a few months ago, and he's hilarious so i was listening to it, i am going to start listening to it on a regular basis, <3line!

2.) Karen got my package, she loved it, :) yay, i guess that's all. I was scared because the delivery confirmation said it got to LA on thursday , but she said she got it Monday, so maybe it just hadn't been delivered to her place yet. She's great, and I am glad I sent it to her.

(cover for playground isolator)

I guess that really is it for now, nothing else besides those things I am there.

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