Almost Eskimo Kissing

So, something very interesting happened in class yesterday in indigenous media. We were all sitting close because we were looking at things on Jo\ine's computer. She was talking about PGP parties, which were these parties held to share encrypted key's to send messages to each other. This party could not have computers at them, people had to have people vouch for them and use their ID's, but meeting face to face was a must.

Jo\ine bridged it with the Myoti indian's gathering ceremony of how they greet each other, which is a very face to face thing. She used me as an example AS she was explaining.

She puts her hands on my head, and I was a little alert, she asked me to do the same, she explained that we cross noses (ya know so our entire faces (mouths, noses, foreheads, all) is touching), and she says to breath in and out, and we share breath. I have never come so close to making out with a professor in my life.

It really made me think of what we are trying to achieve though, she is a very break the academic barrier kind of person, and I think this situation let me analyze comfort levels for that, i mean partially because I didn't know what was going on, but it seemed pretty honorable, but at the same time strange.

So that's my story about how came close to making out with Jo\ine

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