Choking on the Truth

IT'S ME AGAIN. Time for another blog, it's been a few days. Saturday I believe. That was the day I got my piercings, which are doing pretty good now. I am glad, I love them soooo much. I think they look really good.

I haven't been up to too much, but I think I have a lot coming up. Tomorrow I am meeting with Joline about grad. school. I got a list of schools today, so I want to pick out 6 schools by the time I take the GRE's which will hopefully be the first week or so of November probably. I am going to sign up tomorrow.

I have been tired, I feel like I both have tons and nothing to do all the time, it is a weird duality. I have new media society tomorrow, and I said if at least five people do not show up, then I am dismantling the group because I am tired of organizing something that no one comes to. I figured that more than 3 people would be interested. Last week, I was the only new media major there, so I am just ready to be over with it. I want to do projects, but they can be things I can do by myself on my own time, which I don't have much of.

I want to take pictures soon, I have some neat ideas. I have 2 related to my piercings, and 1 related to something else, that I just forgot, but it will come to me. I haven't taken pictures in a bit. I may bring my camera to campus tomorrow after I do homework.

OH, We moved the house around. We did that on Sunday. I think it looks pretty swift. I bought a desk and Beth and I put it together, but that took forever, and the morning after my hand was SWOLLEN because of screwing into metal is not something your hand should ever do, it was sadness for my hand.

I am glad I have been keeping up with this blog, I am starting to really like it, it kind of chronicals what is going on lately, and i will like it when i look back next year and wonder what the hell it was I was doing. I think I have done the best job keeping up with this blog than any other blog.

On a few other notes; I got a 98 on my first SOC205 exam today, 1 question away from a 100, but oh well i figured I wouldn't get a 100, I am glad that I got a 98. Either way I was excited. I was kind of bummed out because this girl I like in my class (i wouldn't even call it a crush, just an attraction) didn't sit next to me today like she usually does. She was rather late, so she sat 2 seats behind me. I wanted her to see my new piercings, oh well, I am silly.

Other than those things, I have been a little annoyed at some people lately. I wish people would live their lives the way they want and not go back and forth between what they want and what they perceieve they should do. It is kind of annoying, but there is nothing I can do about it, accept it, it's not my job to guide other people's lives, but I just wish people were truer to themselves sometimes, friends love friends no matter what, and a constant back and forth is so hard to read. We all have problems though, so I guess it's just something people go through sometimes. Oh well, I guess.

I am listening me some Bif Naked. I saw this thing the other day, they are websodes of Bif's upcoming wedding. I didn't know she was engaged, I think it's interesting because she seems like the kind of girl that rejects everything, even the institution of marriage. I know she is bi, so it is interesting to see the process of how she does marriage.

SOON, Karen Stever will be releasing Playground Isolator, well December, but I am so glad, she is doing all kinds of things. Nov. 25th will be the funeral mute music video. I am sooo pumped right now.

I thought there were a few other things I wanted to chronical here, but I guess that was not true because I do not remember them right now. I don't have many plans this weekend. I was supposed to go to Boston this weekend to see Architecture in Helsinki, but Astra is going to new york afterwards so there is no reason she shouldn't stay in Boston then go right to NY after, so i told her we'll hang next time, and I mean it, haha, I want to go to Boston, so hopefully before wintery times, we will venture there.

WELL, I guess I shall let you go, and by you I mean you the imaginery person who doesn't read my blog, but I am glad I write in it, it lets me think about what I have been doing.

Peace from ME, and Bif.

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