The Last Machine

IT'S BEEN A FEW DAYS. I spent the weekend watching movies galore, 7 to be exact. I need to watch a lot of movies to fit my goal of averaging a movie a day per watching time!

I am so excited about Stever stuff happening. She is redesigning her myspace tomorrow, which should be pretty swanky. She sent me a cool email today, she thought it was funny i said i was like an alternative sherlock holmes. I sent out her bday gift today, hope she likes it, I really want to be part of her music, its so deep and emotion, it scratches at the core of the bones in the body!

Anyways. I hung out with bex tonight, that was fun. We went to see Mr. Woodcock, which was funny and a little "oh my god, he didn't just do that", but overall good. We talked about life, and we still are. Seems like everyone is having tragedies of decision-making lately. I guess it's that time of the Fall, ya know? (me neither)

I don't have too much to blog about, at first I thought I did, but I mostly don't now. I dismantled New Media Society, because last meeting no one showed up, and it's dwindled since meeting one, so take that NMS! Oh well, I can put on my resume that I was president , so there. I mean I did try, i posted, came up with ideas, i played the role of all 4 positions. Oh well.

My piercings are doing well for the most part, they are kind of scabby and red, but i think it's normal, i wish i knew. I emailed Orrin to find out, he hasn't gotten back to me yet, but i mean its not painful or swollen or pussing, so I'm feeling good about them. I love them !

WELL, I shall let go for now.

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